Friday, January 1, 2010

around the corner

Around the corner…

Love has always been around the corner
But then I don’t know why I am so worried.
The nature seems to be pulling sarcasm on me,
on me and the hollow shell of my life.
It may have been giggling your throats to a elongated size.
But even when everything works like a perfect man,
I feel the emptiness now and then.
There are so many stories around my past and present,
but none of them are like the one I meant.
Be it any stage of my life,
to my holy fate things were always in discounted size.
And then love,
Love has always been around the corner.

I don’t know whether I always stood apart,
Or love had deliberately been around the corner
I am sure I was not in the center,
for people in the center are inflated rather being discounted.
Then again where have I been?
It is interesting and I am still thinking.
Every time I think and go around my head,
I keep on memorizing and try to figure what’s that?
A self dominated yet my kind of girl
I can see a vague picture
but the thought is clear and fresh
I am sure its you and you don’t be worried,
its me around your corner, trust me.
And then love
Love has always been around the corner.

-Palok Singh


  1. Great effort. Quite nice. Keep it up! :)

  2. Its written in a mood which describes your innerself, so keep on moving bro you are on right track

  3. thanks rakhi for your appreciation..its always encouraging.
    And thanks ravi too, keep following for more and share your precious comments!
    your comments will help me dig out better of me!

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  5. It was a nice reading,perhaps it urges one to understand their real innerself.It gave me a time to think in a more inspiring way,just live it up with your dreams....

    nice ....n also i eagerly wait to read your upcoming posts tooo!!!!!

  6. Thank you very much neelam...for your precious really encourages...keep following for more such efforts, I hope I wont be disappointing!

    And nishu who removed the comment, thanks for taking time to read!