Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From the coffee shop to the station...!

Greetings to everyone, on the festive occasion. Well, been willing to write and post for long but no good fortune. Finally, had a good feeling about something I wrote to share it with you all. A poetry for which I have my own strong feeling of a song. Won't be able to describe much about it, as I fail to judge it, like most times just felt so....So, here is it before you, please enrich it with your opinions....Thank You!

On my way back from the coffee shop
The only one in your city
I am gushing about having met you...
I dont know whats been going in your head
When I just didn't make you realise how badly am glad
But babe, I am just too happy and
I believe I said it all
As I just cant hide my legs
shivering under the table,
and I can't coverup
the stammers and fumble.
And I think you know, what is it
when a guy cant stop looking at you?

Its been late in the evening
and the stars are twinkling
way closer to my eyes
And I am thinking of you
and the speech disorder I fight
Oh babe, I dont know what does it communicate
When a common friend introduces me and,
looking at you I foolishly say, "oh, I am late"
and the next time when you asked me
"what do you do?"
I am putting up an intellectual portrait
when I dont want to exaggerate.
I dont know what the hell is wrong
and I am sure you are not amused either.
But hey, forgive me
I am just too happy
and I believe I said it all.
As I just cant keep
my excitement in my jacket
And, cant notice how am I ignoring
our common friend next to you.
And I think you know, what is it
when a guy cant stop looking at you?

I have reached the station
to catch up the train at 8
The only left from your city
and I am still gushing about the
beautiful chance I got to make.
I am wondering
how could I just get up and
clean that something around your eye
I get back and when I realise
I see my hands quietly moving in my pant pockets
Oh babe, I just cant frame this anymore
what do you think of me when
when you're running away from making an eye-contact.
May be I have put a wrong impression
or you being too miser to react.
Girl, you know when you look out
of that window of the coffee shop
I am not looking at you
because its disheartening
when you look sad
I'll make sure that you smile
till the end of time
and then I will be overwhelmed
to have made it all.
And as I just cant see my hands
shiver anymore and write
And I cant make this song any more long
for you to get it right
I am sure you would know what is it
when a guy cant stop looking this long at you...???