Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A writer is at peace... Fortunate or not, I don't know but it is the destiny of an artist or a writer to keep craving, looking and searching for peace from his work, nothing but peace and that is it. I have written many a times, almost daily and yes, have been praised sometimes too. But not always when you pen down something, you find the search over or the expression expressed. Out of choice, you would keep writing and try, to say or earn a fortune to have said. But sometimes, the music of thoughts gets so intense that it defies time and space you live in.....hardly 10 minutes and I could blindly go on to write this piece, without a single hesitation. I don't know how well or how many would understand what that means...but as a writer, it was my quantum of solace.
And it feels happy to be happy...!

Life is wonderful.
See how many ups and downs
and no idea what we were born for.
But we still find our ways
to go on and on.

Crossing roads and rivers,
we go long and think
that its really been far.
But we still have miles
to go on and on.

Hey young boy,
There is no end.
There is no full stop.
There's always new places to be seen,
new faces to be met
and new memories to be made.
And we find our ways to love them all.
Little, more and more.
Life is wonderful

You don't measure the music.
You don't weigh the air.
And, hours days and years
count no time.
But we still live to grow
or to feel so.

Hey love,
We meet and move on,
comeback to carry on,
leave whats earned
and forget what was learned
Because life still promises to
take you further on and on.
Life is wonderful....Yes it is!

-Palok Singh

Saturday, February 11, 2012

केया-The Monsoon Flower

Well, the season of love is high and here is my take for it. After, a repetitive insistence from few friends and acquaintances (including me) on writing something light, positive and easy to understand, "for the generation now". I believe this is the best I could do to do justice to it. I know its not that sorted but its simply the best result so far, of last few months of struggle of writing against the sick feeling inside. But anyways, thankfully enough, the season of love have brought sufficient reasons to write a love poem and be happy about it. Please have a read and write back in numbers(need it). And yeah, lastly, its really not a sad poem....please....hahah...enjoy...! 

चेहरे तो कहीं
खो जायेंगे भीड़ में 
हम तुम बदल जायेंगे 
बदल जायेंगे, इस उम्र के फेर में
थोड़े से रह जायेंगे 
कहीं दबे दिल की किताब में 
सूखे से कुछ फूल तुम्हारी 
हँसी के, 
मेरे इंतज़ार की कड़ी के 
कुछ उड़े से रंग 
कुछ छूटे संग
पर चेहरे तो कहीं.....

लिखे हैं जो ख़त
हवा में, प्यार के
उड़ जायेंगे, बह जायेंगे
बह जायेंगे वक़्त के झोंकों में 
थोड़े से रह जायेंगे 
कहीं दबे दिल की ज़मीन में
मिटटी के कुछ मकान तुम्हारी 
खुशबु में महकते 
मेरी आरज़ू के साथ  के 
कुछ गहरे रंग 
कुछ फीके हुए 
क्यूंकि चेहरे तो कहीं 
खो जायेंगे भीड़ में
चेहरे तो कहीं........

-पलोक सिंह