Friday, August 6, 2010

Lamba raasta aur chota safar- an experience!!!

A black coffee with a little sugar, and 'ye dooriyaan' sng in the bakgrnd..goin thru sme skul frnds ke profiles...made feel abslutly bak in if am at d basktball court, in a sweet pleasure of thot abt staring at my favorite girl and at d bak of my mind, a bit worried if sombdy might come thru d corridors frm asmbly stage ki side se..n catch me coz games period ko over hue 5 min. ho gye hain and sweating me is all busy seeing this girl wash her face..i knw she wud be excused fr being late and i will be paying..but m not thinking abt that....she is still there and so am feels so gud that I can write all day abt it!...Being a writer is not always a gud feel but these are some moments when it feels precious or blessed!!!
Its damn hot out but somehow I am feeling as its cloudy around.....aur tez thandi hawa halke halke lag rahi hai.....god I am falling....I will stop it here frens!


  1. really touching!!!!!
    even i went back to dose golden dayz of my lyf.....our lives!!!!!!
    really miss dose dayz & luv dat place-ST.JOHNS(The Heaven-wich i call it as).

  2. thank was beautiful to be back...cant think of anything more beautiful to compare it with......!!!